Tristan Donofrio


Welcome to a different type of author blog. We go to some dark places but you’ll go there with friends and have a few laughs and enjoy some music along this wild ride called life. What will you find here? Stories, inconvenient facts, heartbreak, jokes, retro and counter culture perspectives. When you spend enough time outside of conventional wisdom you start to think differently (read: offensive AF to some people). Ditto if you’ve had to endure some fucked up experiences on the way.

Would love to have you join our community so that we can benefit from each other’s experiences. I’m working on a fictionalized memoir inspired by things that happened to me in the 80s, 90s and aughts (there has to be a better word for that decade). So you can get an idea of some of the gifs we’ll be dropping. We will source some great comedy and music. It’s important to find joy and happiness even if it’s fleeting — it’s still something to look forward to.

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