Our Story

Dude you’re here, Welcome!

We’ve had to go through some shit to get this far.

Maybe you’re tired of not having close relationships. Sure you have buddies and while we have good times together sometimes….

BUT — you’re not sure if they’d really have your back. Like if you suddenly needed real help (money, a place to crash, or a conversation about something real) would they drop everything for you?

Or would they find an excuse to not show up?

What’s up with that anyways?

We can’t only talk about serious issues with our girlfriends, wives or mothers.

I’ve known a lot of guys who have felt that way.

Truth is — it’s possible for us to experience more connection, live with more meaning and just feel happier to be alive. We can feel stronger, more confident in our bodies and calmer, more decisive in our minds.

While I always HOPED this was true, I didn’t really know for sure until recently.

After growing up learning few social skills I wasn’t prepared for ANY relationships. I also had a host of under treated medical problems. Parents who couldn’t cook or keep a clean house. Our relatively middle class life was financed completely on credit cards and an inheritance that was spent immediately on shit we didn’t really need.

Maybe you experienced periods of depression or intense anxiety as well through experiences that were unique to your life.

It’s totes possible to change that though 🙂

Through experimenting with new ideas about “diets” and “exercise” I learned that nearly everything you’ve heard about them can be challenged.

There are ways to level up your body that dont cost you ANY money and dont even take that much time to do!

Through experimenting with new ways to take care of yourself you can access the resilience that has always been available to you. No one showed me how either but some dudes have figured this out, which means so can you,

The mind is counter intuitive. If I didn’t experience the successful changes myself I wouldn’t believe it either. Self compassion is the secret ingredient to resilience.

Join me and some other freaking cool guys as we go through this journey collectively. You don’t have to go through this alone. We can really win in life. It’s not easy and everything changes. But we can learn how to live with the change together.

Everything you’ve ever felt is something that other men all over the world have felt at some point in time. Perhaps even during the same moment you felt it.

Write me a message. I’d like to hear from YOU. Let me know what’s on your mind brother.

Let’s have the important conversations, lets say what needs to be said right now. Join a community of men by men for other men.

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