Writing to Awaken (some of the best interpersonal prompts I’ve ever seen)

Transforming Your Dragons (trends in how personality manifests)

The Body Keeps The Score (how trauma is stored in the body and methods of healing)

Lost Connections (the conversation on depression)

Stillness is the Key (The trilogy is good but this was the best of the series)

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook (great work book of self compassion exercises and practices)

The Charisma Myth (charisma coaching and advice)

The Tao of Seneca (Volumes 1-3, audiobook) (Audio performance is great. Seneca’s dramatic and elegant prose flows nicely in this audiobook)

Waking Up (secular mediation)

Creative Calling (great overview of creativity and creative practices)

INFJ Revolution (a call to action for intuitive creatives)


Michele Cassou (Intuition and Creativity)

The Creative Introvert (Creativity and introverts)

Lauren Sapala (Inuitive Writing)

Learn Enough (Tutorials in Web Development)

CreativeLive (Online Education for Creatives)

Comedy Podcasts:

Spontaneanation (best improv podcast ever…start with this one)

Threedom (Paul F. Tomkins, Scott Aukerman and Lauren Lapkus… improv conversations and games)

Improv for Humans (Matt Besser, a great improviser at work)

WTF (Marc Maron — one of my favorite comedians from the 90’s — is killing it in the comedy and interview game. Be sure to look up his interview with Robin Williams from late in his life)

Smodcast (Kevin Smith, the comic book guy god, everything he says is funny and represents the nerd in all of us)

ID10T (Chris Hardwick is a geeky comedian, and jokes about all things nerd culture. Host of the long running TWD companion talk show)

Office Ladies (Family friendly behind the scenes stories from the American version of The Office)

Comedy Bang Bang (Long running comedy podcast from Scott Aukerman and others!)

Business / Other Podcasts:

Useful Idiots (Current events / journalism / humor / interview)

Your Undivided Attention (tech reform)

The Chase Jarvis Live Show (podcast associated with Creative Live)

The Fizzle Show (Indie entrepreneurship)

Stacking The Bricks (tech and design oriented entrepreneurship)

The Tim Ferris Show (there’s bound to be a few interviews per year everyone would enjoy)

Art of Charm (charisma and social dynamics)

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