How this Remarkable Health Hack Helped me lose 30 lbs.

Actual before picture 🙂

There are so many diets.

How do you know which one is right for you?

What about after the diet?

Can you have a life then?

Ugh! Too many choices.

Too much food pr0n on the interwebs.

Nutrition is a $702,000,000,000 industry.

That’s a lot of money for specific advice that only works for some people.

Every nutrition strategy has twice as many haters as enthusiasts?

Why is that?

Maybe it’s because all of our bodies are different. Maybe it’s peoples beliefs get in their own way.

No one likes to be wrong. I get it.

I’ve tried a few diets since 2002. Low fat, low carb, Paleo and variations in between.

They all produced SOME results but all were short lived and I always regained the weight and more until now.


But for the last several months I haven’t been on any diet at all.

What did I do?

How Much Weight Can I Lose in a Week?

I logged my food intake in an app, often taking no more than a few minutes per day.

Wait but how does that help you lose weight?

It’s all about data awareness dude. Without being aware, your brain is going to automate things. Sometimes this will NOT work in your favor. Maybe even more than sometimes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our brains just automated the stuff that gave us the most joy and fulfillment? Yeah it would but we can’t control everything that gets put on the auto pilot setting.

Sooooo we have some work to do but the payoff is huge.

Obvs, there is way more to it than just tracking calories.

Okay so I just logged 4000 calories of ice cream how does that make me healthier?

It doesn’t… at that moment anyways.

I read a weird article about a dude who lost a bunch of weight eating nothing but Twinkies. I asked him what he was smoking but he never responded.

His point isn’t that twinkies are good for you but that our bodies are built to eat only a certain amount of food per day.

Based on your unique body, you likely have cheat codes that are hidden to you. But these cheat codes… wow are they fun to find.

Nutrient density is the name of the game. We could also call this food efficiency.

Most people doing Paleo could be described as hard core. No thanks… I like cheese and bread thank you very much. Yeah and I don’t mind having a drink sometimes. Although I won’t judge if that’s not your thing.

How Do I Overcome Food Guilt?

Many of their rules (no dairy, beans, bread or alcohol) didn’t seem sustainable. So I tried something different:

I would log my food intake using an app (myfitnesspal, Samsung Health and Fitbit are all good). I know using an app for me was mostly about convenience. No one really has the time to look up each food and variations of each food, document the calories and manually check and record each one.

But here’s the other thing — I would not have ANY food restrictions.

None. Pizza okay. Ice cream okay. Beer okay.

The longer I did this I noticed a gradual but powerful shift in my thinking.

But first let me ask you a question…

Has the sight of certain food every made you feel bad? You know, the thing you’ve heard is bad for you and also delicious AF so why would you ever eat it?

Yeah dude, me too. But not anymore.

I no longer view ANY food as bad. It’s all just food. I’m not saying they’re all equal, they’re not.

It’s not that I don’t have a bad day or weekend or week food wise. I have them too because… life?

I’ve lost 30 lbs this year using this strategy and have kept that weight off. Close to 40 now but seeing the progress makes you better able to feel the momentum of THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

Knowing that this perspective is possible changes the game.

Life… Post Food Haterage

Once you’ve un-mindfucked yourself from food you no longer have that feeling and all the thoughts related to guilt over that food. Sure the option to eat something less efficient will always be there. Sometimes you do take the bait. I do too. Your mind has lots of ways to get what it wants. But the more often you make the choice that makes your body feel better, it becomes a sort of reward in itself. Just doing the right thing.

Back to food efficiency. It’s just math, man. That’s it.

Once you know which foods sustain your body best and freaking taste good, you’re golden.

A crucial food for me is chicken. Lots of protein and relatively low calories. I eat chicken most days, of course not in the same way or from the same place but it had been really important to my health journey.

And we haven’t even talked about how important it is for your body to actually move around yet.

So why should you try logging your food intake?

You find out how much the foods you usually eat are worth.

Think of your body as a container that holds your entire inventory. You have an amount of weight that each item you carry holds. Then you start prioritizing food that tastes good and makes you feel good but that doesn’t take up your entire inventory.

Think of what happens when you don’t do that. Lets say you eat 4000 calories of ice cream. Stupidly easy to do.

I’ve done this before I knew how many calories is was, let alone knowing how much sugar was in a tub of ice cream.

This is like going into a dungeon by yourself with a knobby stick as a weapon and a down pillow for a shield. In the battle of the day, you’re pretty much DOA. But you can still WIN the campaign by coming back the next day or the day after or the week after. Don’t look at the highs and lows, which is tempting! Look at your averages. It’s a great way to know you’re on track or if you need to make a change.

But once you’re aware of how much all the foods “cost” you now have the option of making a better choice. Unless you have perfect eating and drinking habits you’re going to have to look at your life and figure out HEY how can I intentionally make this better? Whats one thing I could do today that would help me?

So go ahead get keep working on your epic journey! Their are lots of way to gamify your health.

Do you have any questions about eating healthier, having more energy or just feeling happier, more at peace with your life?

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