80s tint with car

Wait… What Are We Doing With Music On This Site? COVID Much? How About Some “New” Music

From time to time I’ll be posting music videos and themes of artists that relate to music in some way. Please note: you will see me talk about punk inspired alt rock (grunge era), alt metal / nu metal and classic rock more often.

I did go through a stretch in high school where I listened to a lot of west coast gangsta rap. This will be explored much more in the first volume of my fictional memoir.

Being in the bay area, it was hard to not hear about all the guys in the East Bay blowing up. TuPac lived in Oakland or tha town briefly before going back to LA. Of course not all the popular themes from this genre have aged well. I always thought it was weird that at a dance I went to in 7th grade no teachers or chaperones minded that everyone was dancing to the most popular song about smoking weed in the bay at the time because… slang?

Two years ago I stumbled upon a few cool sub genres: Retrowave, Darkwave and Synthwave.

It’s new music… but made in an 80s / electronic (read: synth) style. Many tracks are instrumental only and still amazing. I’ve included some better ones below for you to check out.

There is some great accompanying artwork for viewing while listening here.

A lot of this music would pair great with videogames from the 80s and early 90s which is probably what I like most about it!

I haven’t found many artists who do these sub genres well and consistently enough than Timecop1983. He’s partnered with a lot of different talented singers with great original lyrics that are…. totes 80s!

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